Cloud Security Essentials Checklist

A cloud security assessment is the best way of identifying all vulnerabilities that remain within your system. 

But despite the significance of this process, some organizations seem to neglect to undergo a cloud security assessment. 

To help your organization assess cybersecurity requirements, FuseForward has compiled a comprehensive 12-page checklist that covers all levels of your system including network security, geographic compliance, and business continuity. The document is sourced from our experience delivering and securing cloud systems for our global list of partners and customers. 

Why FuseForward?

FuseForward is an AWS Advanced Technology and Standard Consulting Partner that provides ready-made, secure IT environments for critical infrastructure providers and public agencies. Our team of experts has over 25 years' experience implementing enterprise asset management systems and cloud solutions across facilities, cities, transportation and utilities. We are ISO 27001-certified and follow all relevant data process regulations.

Our product, FuseSecure, addresses your shared responsibility for application security on AWS, protecting your application workloads with a comprehensive, multi-layered security service and continuous monitoring. 

Cloud Security Basics Checklist