Building Smart Infrastructure:
An inside look at the Ryerson Smart Campus

Acting as mini-cities, university campuses have quickly become a testing ground for new smart building systems, with benefits for utilities, cities and other environments.

FuseForward is working in partnership with Ryerson University to develop a fully functioning ‘Smart Campus’— a university optimized with streaming data from smart devices and sensors. The ambitious project will encompass the entire campus, a large facility that is home to over 50,000 students.

This webinar gives you an in-depth look at the Smart Campus project, along with a discussion on wider applications.

You will learn: 

  • How to integrate legacy sensors into a smart solution
  • How to manage large data sets and develop digital twins
  • The benefits of smart building systems to other industries

Who should watch? 

Anyone interested in the potential of IoT and analytics to improve our built environment—including analytics, technology and facility professionals.



Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Ryerson University. 

  • Researcher focused on smart building systems and analytics. 
  • Secured over $3M in grants towards smart campus development. 

Mark Damm, CTO, FuseForward 

  • Twenty-five years’ experience implementing complex systems for critical service providers. 
  • Awarded two patents related to the automation and management of complex systems. 
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