What is a Smart City? 

There’s a lot of buzz around ‘Smart City’ projects these days, and although they’re interesting, these initiatives can seem unrealistic to a city struggling to fund day-to-day operations. But the truth is, many cities already have the resources to launch a smart city initiative available to them right now—and getting started might be easier than you think!

As the experts behind the acclaimed Ryerson University Smart Campus, Jenn McArthur and Mark Damm know a thing or two about building smart solutions with strapped resources. In this presentation, they join forces to outline some of the ‘quick wins’ you can implement to deliver your first smart city project.

This presentation will cover: 

  • Simple ‘smart’ pilot projects that use existing data.
  • Funding opportunities for your smart city initiative.
  • A sneak peek at the latest innovations from the Ryerson University Smart Campus.



Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Ryerson University

  • Lead expert focused on smart building systems and analytics. 
  • Secured over $3M in grants towards smart campus development.
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Mark Damm, CTO, FuseForward 

  • Established FuseForward as an intelligent solutions provider, with a focus on smart campus and city initiatives.
  • Leader of the Intelligent Systems Alliance, advancing the use of IoT and analytics in the built environment.
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