What is a Smart Campus? 

We examine the possibilities for ‘smart campus’ initiatives with professionals breaking ground in the field and answer any questions that you might have.

The smart campus trend is growing as higher education institutions pursue the latest in digital innovation. But what is a ’smart campus’ and what are the benefits of these projects? 

In a bid to answer these questions, we’ve gathered three leaders that are breaking ground in the smart campus field for an informative panel discussion. We’ll discuss their innovative smart campus initiatives, along with the benefits these projects will have for other institutions and industries.

Our panel discussion will cover topics
such as: 

  • What is a ‘smart campus’? 
  • The latest innovations
  • Benefits to students, services and operations
  • Applications to industry

Who should watch? 

Anyone interested in the potential of IoT and analytics to improve our built environment—including analytics, technology and facility professionals.

Meet the Panelists


Roy Hart, CIO, British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Leader of the new Smart Campus Initiative at BCIT.
  • Executive leader for technology strategy and digital transformation.
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Jenn McArthur, Associate Professor, Ryerson University

  • Lead expert focused on smart building systems and analytics. 
  • Secured over $3M in grants towards smart campus development.
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Mark Damm, CTO, FuseForward 

  • Established FuseForward as an intelligent solutions provider, with a focus on smart campus and city initiatives.
  • Leader of the Intelligent Systems Alliance, advancing the use of IoT and analytics in the built environment.
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