How can you move cloud spending from OpEx to CapEx?

Cloud solutions are the top investment priority among public sector CIOs in 2023. 

Yet despite the demand to move services to the cloud, public sector CIOs are often held back by limits on operational expenditure budgets. Our free white paper can help you solve this issue, providing examples that outline how your cloud spend can be capitalized.

Why FuseForward?

FuseForward is an AWS Advanced Tier Technology Partner that provides ready-made secure IT environments for public agencies, such as cities and utilities. We deliver everything required for running a critical application in the cloud within a single product —FuseCloud.

We've worked with many large public sector clients. In many cases, we've been able to structure the costs of our products in order to accommodate customer requirements regarding CapEx vs OpEx funds.


How to Capitalize Your Cloud Spend