Improving cost effectiveness

Maximizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of assets has always been a priority for critical service providers—but as industry faces increased financial pressures, cost-effective asset management has become even more crucial.

Enter digital twinsvirtual simulations of a physical asset that can be used to test scenarios and improve performance. Digital twins are fast becoming a key decision tool for managing lifecycle costsbut are they really effective, or just more technology hype?  

This webinar takes a step-by-step look at how digital twin simulations can be applied to asset lifecycle management, along with strategies that can help asset managers achieve significant cost savings.

This webinar covers: 

  • How to apply a digital twin to a physical asset 
  • Cost saving strategies 
  • Simple starting points for digital twin development 

Speaker: Mark Damm 

As FuseForward's CTO, Mark is a technical expert and skilled system architect over 30 years’ experience designing and leading the implementation of complex IT systems. Over this time Mark has developed an impressive track record of successful enterprise technology implementations, including major enterprise asset management systems. 

Mark Damm