Transform Your Utility

Learn how to combine a distributed power network, IoT devices and the cloud to create an “Intelligent Utility” that can help you:

  • Meet local needs: Make power generation, distribution and management responsive to the community.
  • Increase sustainability: Increase the percentage of power drawn from smaller, renewable energy sources.  
  • Manage demand: Predict demand and deliver resources when and where it matters most. 

Meeting South African Needs

South Africa faces unique challenges when it comes to power. The distributed energy model outlined in this white paper:

  • Prevents power outages by augmenting existing power supply.
  • Provides the correct power rating for the consumer.
  • Increases reliability with smaller independent power systems.

About FuseForward

FuseForward provides secure cloud environments and intelligent technology solutions for critical infrastructure providers, including utilities.  We are a Public Sector certified AWS Advanced Technology Partner based in South Africa.  Learn more.